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Ashoka Europe Co-Leader
since 2015

Marie Ringler founded Ashoka in Austria in 2011 and since 2015 she is also one of Ashoka`s Europe Directors. In her role as Director of Ashoka in Central and Eastern Europe she has been leading the relaunch efforts in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary and is also responsible for Ashoka`s work in Poland and the Baltics.

Founder Ashoka Austria
since 2011

For over 30 years Ashoka has been the leading worldwide organization in supporting social entrepreneurship. In 2011 Marie set up the Austrian office of Ashoka.

Elected Member of the Vienna Federal State Parliament and Vienna City Council
2001 - 2010

Landtagsabgeordnete und Gemeinderätin, Die Grünen/Green Party, Vienna/A. Reelected for second term 2005 – 2010. Spokes person for culture and technology policy.

Delegated or elected into the following political committees
2001 - 2010

2001 - 2010 Vienna City Council committee for culture and science 2005 - 2010 Vienna City Council political board of Vienna Business Agency 2005 - 2010 Vienna City Council committee for the Vienna Court of Auditors 2005 - 2010 National Media funding committee of the Republic of Austria 2001 – 2005 Vienna City Council tourism commission 2001 – 2005 Vienna City Council historic town conservation fund Internal party positions: 2005 - 2011 member regional-level steering board of the Vienna Green Party 2004 – 2005 founder, coordinator and spokesperson of the Green Party's national committee for a new party platform on innovation and technology policy 2003 – 2005 member regional-level party board of the Vienna Green Party 2002 - 2010 founder of technology policy networking group of Vienna Green Party 2001 - 2010 founder cultural policy networking group of the Vienna Green Party 2001 – 2004 member of the board of districts of the Viennese Green Party

Selected political achievements and projects
2001 - 2010

Spokesperson for Arts & Culture. Spokesperson for Media Policy and Innovation. 2008 Co-founder and spokesperson of "Platterwatch” - initiative against the surveillance state. Website: Concept, organization, recruitment and supervision of hundreds of activists, development of nation-wide campaign. 2007 Co-initiator of research and development call focusing on Open Source Software development with ZIT Zentrum für Innovation und Technologie - the technology promotion agency of the City of Vienna. 2005 Coordinator and spokesperson of the Green Party's national committee for a new party platform on innovation and technology policy. 2004 and 2005 Mentor for mentoring project "Genderize” of the Bundesjugendvertretung / Austrian Federal Youth Representative Council 2004 Campaign to raise public attention for Free and Open Source Software and Linux: development of free Linux Test CD, in cooperation with Munich Green Party and European Green Party. Concept, organization. 2004 Initiator of nation-wide competition for "Art in the Public Space”, sponsored by Vienna Green party. Concept, organization.

National Democratic Institute
July - August 2004

Volunteer Consultant, Kathmandu/Nepal. Advised political leaders on campaign development, issue and message development; counseled local parties on nation-wide survey and issues of political governance (anti-corruption, democratization of internal party structures).

Public Netbase tO/ Institute for New Culture Technologies
1998 - 2000

General Manager, Vienna/A. Responsible for financial management, fundraising, human resources management, production management, key account, investor communication.

Public Netbase tO/ Institute for New Culture Technologies
1996 - 1998

Assistant to the Director, Vienna/A. Conceptualized and designed concepts and organized various events, assisted with fund raising, press and public relations, key account management.

Public Netbase tO/ Institute for New Culture Technologies
1994 - 1996

Production Assistant, Vienna/A. Production support, technical support (online research, editing and web design, user support hotline of non-profit internet provider unit).


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100 %
Public Speaking
95 %
Project Management
90 %
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75 %
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2008 - 2010
University of St.Gallen and ESADE Business School (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of St.Gallen, Switzerland first phase “Programme for Leadership Development” joint program with ESADE Business School, Spain, graduated top 20% of class, member of Beta Gamma Sigma - Honor Society for business programs.

1993 - 2002
Degree program, University of Vienna (Magister)

Degree program University of Vienna in Sociology (major), Gender Studies and Political Science (minor) at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (Magisterstudium), Vienna/A. Graduation 2002.

Federal grammar school XXIII Anton-Baumgartner-Straße

Vienna/A. Graduation (Matura) with distinction.